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TTB On-line Applications

Wines and Vines reports: Online apps mean faster service for label approvals, AVAs and more

The ever-increasing workload has prompted the TTB to implement changes in its operations, to streamline and speed up processes like COLA and AVA approvals. Average processing time for COLAs is now just 20 days, according to the TTB’s weekly COLA statistics update. COLAs are required for any wine (or other alcoholic beverage) before it is released for sale. Hogue told Wines & Vinesthat craft beer COLAs are another fast-growing category.

TTB has been accepting online COLA applications for some years, and this year has upgraded the system so COLAs Online users may now set authentication questions and answers and modify their registration through the portal.

The bureau issues a quarterly e-newsletter, available through The most recent edition discussed the correct use of “Fanciful Names” on labels. “A fanciful name is a term used in addition to the brand name for the purposes of further identifying a product,” it explained. See the full story at: