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RSVP by Friday for Pre Harvest Workshop

Dr. Bruce Zoecklein announces a pre-harvest workshop featuring Lisa Van de Water to be held next week at three locations:

From 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM:
Monday August 8: Chateau Morrisette
Tuesday August 9: White Hall Vineyards
Wednesday August 10: Winery at La Grange

Lisa is an internationally renowned microbiologist who consults with winemakers around the world. Topics will include:

Fermentation management
Optimizing aroma potential
Timing of MLF and MLF strains
Controlling oxidation
A simple means of Brett monitoring
Yeast selection and co-fermentation
Controlling VA and excessive sulfur-like off odor

Dr. Zoecklein will discuss phenolic maturity as it relates to sensory features, oxidative strength and longevity. For more info, or to rsvp, send an email message to with the following in the subject line: Morrisette, White Hall or LaGrange depending on your choice of location.