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Registration for Eastern Winery Expo opens Nov 1

Registration for the Eastern-focused 2012 Eastern Winery Exposition (EWE), taking place March 7-8 at the Lancaster County Convention Center & Lancaster Marriott, opens November 1, according to organizer Bob Mignarri. There are a variety of  registration options, from individual sessions to a full conference package. More info is available at

New sponsors include American Wine Society, the Ohio Wine Producers Association and the ‘License to Steal’ National Marketing Conference.

“Our association with the Eastern Winery Exposition allows our members to connect with and learn more about these important grape and wine producers and their great wines, says John Hames, Executive Director of The American Wine Society. “We encourage everyone attending the EWE to stop by the American Wine Society (AWS) booth and learn more about the benefits of Professional AWS membership for anyone in the wine trade.”

Donniella Winchell, Executive Director of the Ohio Wine Producers Association adds, “Ohio Wine Producers Association and the ‘License to Steal’ National Marketing Conference are pleased to be attending the first ever Eastern Winery Exposition. As the industry east of the Rockies has grown so dramatically, it is validating to see the enthusiasm that has emerged for wineries and varietals located and grown not only in Germany, France or Napa Valley.”

Show manager Bob Mignarri can be reached at 401-885-8788, ext. 11.