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A VA Wine Supporter Weighs In!

DC’s greatest Local Wine Fan — that would be Washington Post columnist Dave McIntyre — was recently asked how to impress a couple of California wine aficionados with a bottle of Virginia wine.

Virginia winery Fabbioli Tannat

Tannat is a notable grape of southwest France that is finding success in Virginia, especially as produced by Fabbioli Cellars. Photo courtesy of Fabbioli Cellars.

Dave is also co-founder, with Jeff Siegel, of Drink Local Wine, whose mission statement goes: “It’s about time regional wine gets the respect it deserves. Yes, some of it still tastes like it was made from grapes strained through sweaty socks, but much of it is as competently made as anything from California,” so don’t expect them to give a pass to any, er, worthy efforts, shall we euphemistically call them.

Virginia winery Chrysalis Vineyards Norton

Chrysalis Vineyards is known throughout the state as a leading producer of Norton. Photo courtesy of Chrysalis Vineyards.

Dave likes Linden Hardscabble Chard, as does everyone who has ever tried it, Viognier from Veritas, Barboursville, and Horton.

There’s a rather unusual Fabbioli Tannat among his recommendations, and a NortonChrysalis Locksley Reserve – makes his list.

For those with deep pockets, RDV ought to be sampled.

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