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(S)wine and (He)art!

In France, regional foods have long been recognized by both the public and by statute. The agency Sopexa promotes and protects local specialties because, according to their website, “…the foods, wines and spirits only exist as a result of the commitment to quality from the men and women responsible for their production…it is a question of identity, culture and lifestyle.”

Here in the US, we are not quite so regulated, but in southeast Virginia, one product has been singled out for recognition by the General Assembly of Virginia, in 1926, no less! Did you know that official Genuine Smithfield Hams MUST be made within the town limits of Smithfield?

There is currently a public art project underway there, focusing on, you guessed it: The Pig. Eight artists have been selected by jury to paint porcine statues which will be positioned throughout the Historic District and on the Smithfield Food campus. You can observe the progress of one piece that is being painted at the Arts Center @ 319. See Smithfield2020 for more info!