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Explore the VA Countryside with New Winery Passport

Virginia wine Keswick Vineyards Trevillian

Keswick Vineyards Trevillian - new vintage will be released shortly!

Combine your love of Virginia’s wonderful wines with a fascinating journey into the past. History buffs already know that this is the 150th anniversary of the Civil War and Emancipation. Kat Schornberg of Keswick Vineyards reminds us, “We are very lucky here in VA to be surrounded by land with both rich history and great vineyards, it’s inevitable that the two should overlap.”

Keswick and twenty-two more of the Commonweath’s leading wineries have fashioned special labels to commemorate the Sesquicentennial and are part of the Virginia Civil War Wine Trail.

To help you explore, the Virginia Wine Marketing Board has created a “passport” for visiting these historic areas. The pocket-sized booklet contains information on the 23 wineries, images of the special labels, and a list of nearby battlefields.

Kat explains, “Our vineyard was a camp ground for soldiers of the war and before planting our vines we had the land searched for relics, which are on display in our tasting room.  We are located very near a landmark battle (the bloodiest cavalry battle of the Civil War) so it only seemed fitting to honor that with our Trevillian wine, a red blend that will be bottled again this summer.”

Virginia wine Sesquicentennial passport

Photo by Bill Crabtree Jr., Virginia Tourism Corporation.

The passport also includes a fold-away map marking forty-two key Civil War battlefields in Virginia. Each winery you visit will offer to stamp your passport, creating a memorable souvenir of your wine and history journey.

“Virginia is becoming a genuine tourist destination for wine lovers and has always been such for Civil War history buffs – this program is an excellent way to merge the two by introducing great Virginia wine to those interested in the history and to spark an interest in the Civil War for those that already love our wines,” Kat says.  “Plus, history changing discussions always happen over a glass of wine right?”

Click to order a passport and see the complete label collection. There is an interactive map of both battlefields and wineries, and as you scroll over the labels, the story of the local battle pops up. And visit Keswick to learn when the new vintage will be available!

(Cover photo is courtesy of Veramar Vineyards.)


Virginia winery Prince Michel Vineyards

Photo courtesy of Prince Michel Vineyards. Virginia Tourism Corporation.