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You know Wine Divas and Wine Babes, Wine Curmudgeons and Bacchus’ and Cruisers, but you’ve gotta meet WIMP! Ok, technically, it’s VWIMP. But what it means is: a wealth of very useful information is now available to all you Droid owners out there.

I was so perturbed when I got my first smart phone. I called VWIMP inventor Nancy Collier and said: “IT’S NOT IN THE APP STORE! THAT’S WHY I GOT A SILLY SMART PHONE!”

She calmly explained that the Android version was in development. And, finally, here it is!

What is it? It’s an app called Virginia Wine In My Pocket, and it’s excellent. It slices and dices winery info in numerous ways – while you are on the road and heading off to the next adventure. (For me, that translates to “getting lost on the way to the next winery.”) And it includes options for dining and lodging.

You can buy Virginia Wine In My Pocket for only $3.99 here.

Developed by Nancy Bauer and Rick Collier, the app when released for iPhone made the Top 100 Travel Apps last summer. See our related article on the initial release of Virginia Wine In My Pocket for more info!

VA Wine in My Pocket developers

CAUTION: This could happen to you after visiting over 150 of VA's fine wineries! Photo courtesy of Rick Collier. (How'd he do that?)