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Philippine Weavers Create Wine Bags

Buri bags are woven from a type of palm found in the Philippines.

Rick and Nancy of Virginia Wine In My Pocket are quietly supporting a small village of women weavers in the Philipines.

These artisans hand-craft Buri palm bags. Rick made the connection while traveling on other business and now he and Nancy distribute the wine bags, totes, luggage and more via their Buri Bag Project on Facebook.

Nancy writes, “The ladies of Sampaloc carefully weave bags from the fibers of the frond of the Buri Palm, which is sustainably cultivated and native to the Philippines. The Buri Palms of southern Quezon Province are famous for the quality of their fibers. Fibers are sourced from only the finest mature Buri Palms that grow in optimal conditions of moisture and sun.”

Nancy reports that Good Luck Cellars at the Northern Neck also carry the bags in their tasting room and that sales are brisk for the one-of-a-kind items. All the pieces are attractive, well-made, and contribute to a developing local economy.