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La Bella Terra

From Jane and Taylor, Arlington, VA:

La Bella Terra in Madison County made us feel so welcome and comfortable. Oedipus, our one-eyed dog, was happy to stay behind with Kit when we sauntered off to Nissan and the C’ville music scene. Her locavore breakfasts are incredible!  We will return, with friends, in the spring, to hike the Shenandoah National Park. Looking forward to exploring the secret places Kit told us about.

Proprietress Kit Johnson adds, “In truth, this whole B&B for me is not a business. It is a pleasure. And I therefore take it as it comes. I seem to have attracted a lot of young folks from the D.C. area, probably because I don’t charge much, and I’m close to C’ville and that music scene.  Plus, I welcome other dogs and can do so because my Border Collie, Namie, is such a love.” La Bella Terra is particularly convenient to Sharp Rock Vineyards, DuCard, and Sweeley.

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