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Where am I? Wine Bar v. Tasting Bar

Wine Bar
Generally attached to a restaurant
Carries a variety of brands of wine
Server sells you a glass of wine and leaves you with your friends
Is a great night out!
Tasting Bar
Generally attached to a grape farm
Carries wine made on the premises
Server pours a small portion of each wine, explains their nuances, and answers all your questions
Is a great way to sample a product before making a purchase!

You could say a tasting bar is a wine shop disguised as a restaurant or café. But there are important differences. One: There are no bar stools! This is because tasting wine at a winery is a sampling process, NOT the main event. Tastings generally take only 5-10 minutes – it’s a way for you to identify which wine brings you the greatest pleasure. After you make your decision, you move to a table to enjoy your time with your friends, or you take home your new favorite wine and conjure up something fabulous to have with it for dinner.

So why do I have to pay for my tasting, if it’s just a product sampling you may ask?
Wineries are tourist destinations, local attractions and fun places to visit. While the owners hope that you will find their wares attractive enough to purchase, there is no requirement to do so. It would be very hard to stay in business if you are giving away huge quantities of product to casual passers-by. Public safety is another issue to consider. The wine trade encourages responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages.