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Winery saves energy and money with USDA grant

USDA, Jan. 12, 2011

WESTERN FARM PRESS reports on Red Caboose Winery in Texas and a Rural Energy for America grant from the USDA. Click for the full article.

Red Caboose Winery, a family owned business in Meridian, Texas, was recently selected as a recipient of a USDA Rural Energy for America Program Grant.  A $15,617 grant is being used to help lower the energy costs of running the rural winery that produces 10,000 cases of wine annually.

LOCAL NOTE:  According to a press release from the Virginia Wine Marketing Board, Cooper Vineyards Jacque Hogge, MD and Geoffrey Cooper, MD, were able to get financial assistance from the United States Department of Agriculture.  “Know that there are grants available to help with the costs of sustainable building projects,” Hogge advises to other potential green wineries.  Cooper Vineyards received 2 of the 3 USDA grants awarded in Virginia in 2010 to help with the expenses of their construction.