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Cooper Vineyards to become LEED Certified

Cooper Vineyards

LEED certified tasting room at Cooper Vineyards

According to a press release issued by the Virginia Wine Board Marketing Office, the new tasting room at Cooper Vineyards in Louisa is in the process of becoming LEED platinum certified, making them the first winery in that category on the East Coast and the second in the country.

LEED, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, validates the construction of a green building and is broken into a four-tier award classification system ranging from Certified to Platinum, the highest level of certification.

Reportedly, Cooper is using:

  • rainwater collection and low flow fixtures to reduce water usage by 40%
  • structurally insulated panels for the roof and walls
  • geothermal heating and cooling system for the building
  • low voltage LED lighting coupled with daylight and occupancy sensors
  • solar panels which provide over 15% of energy needs for the building

In addition, they are using many recycled and locally sourced materials for the construction. The Grand Opening is scheduled for April 8.

See additional note re: USDA assistance in “Winery Saves Energy and Money with USDA Grant” below.

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