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VWG-Online Goes Independent On March 1

VWG-Online.comVWG-Online.com, an online wine magazine formerly affiliated with the Virginia Wine Gazette, becomes independent as of March 1. With a new name, Virginia Wine Guide Online, the e-zine will continue to cover a full range of stories on Virginia wines and wineries. The website address remains VWG-Online.com.

Publisher Mary Ann Dancisin says, “We have an ambitious campaign to reach more Virginia wine fans in 2012. New social media strategy, more interactive promotions, a visible presence at key wine festivals and trade shows – these are some of the elements in our plan to be the go-to source for the latest news on the Virginia wine scene.” VWG-Online is published by Effective Communication Solutions, Mary Ann’s wine marketing and promotion firm located in Rappahannock County.

The focus of the revamped online magazine will be to match wine lover’s own preferences with the group of wineries most likely to please, as stated in the new entity’s Facebook profile.

The mission statement continues, “Virginia wineries run the gamut from deep-rooted family farms to convivial countryside lodges to grand estates with centuries of history…Virginia wines cover a wide range as well: friendly, easy-drinking reds, whites, and rosés; balanced and elegant…food wines; a variety of sweets…as well as a great selection of fruit wines and apple ciders!”

VWG-Online’s objective is to cover all segments of Virginia’s wine scene and will provide readers a virtual roadmap to find and enjoy the wines they will love most.

For more information, contact Mary Ann Dancisin at vwg@studioecs.com.