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Editorial Calendar March 2012 – Feb 2013

Mar    History and Heritage: The Foundations of VA’s Wineries
Apr     Stars: Virginia’s Reigning Stars – Top Viogniers and Cab Francs
May    Festival Round Up: Plan Your Summer Super-Tastings
Jun     Picnic: Best Tasting Room Munchies / Great Picnic Ideas
Jul      International Flavor: Winemakers and Grapes with a Foreign Flair
Aug    Sweet Tooth: Outstanding Dessert and Fruit-Based Wines
Sep     Weekends: Overnights in Virginia Wine Country
Oct     Eat: VA Wine Country Recipes; Memorable Winemaker Dinners
Nov    Learn: Cozy up to the fire and read! Books, Blogs, Newsletters, Classes
Dec    Gifties: Best Tasting Rooms for Holiday Shopping / Wine Aficionado Gifts and Accessories
Jan    YES WE’RE OPEN! and Juicy: Focus on Cider and Fruit
Feb    Collect: Best Case Clubs / VA Wine Collectors

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